February 26, 2019

Try to create all the drives required as you install eComStation. A disk formatted with FAT is allocated in clusters, whose size are determined by the size of the volume. Install Boot Manager, then create other drives as required. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The shifting of drive letters can be annoying at best, and will break drive letter assumptions in batch files, programs’. High Performance File System.

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This means that the content of a file is located at most 8 MB distant on the disk surface from the structures which control access to it. Directory entries are simply organised as a linear list, so that just about the best search strategy is gpfs start at the beginning and search forward until you either find what you want or hit the end of the list.

High Performance File System

DOS utility programs for disk management generally cannot be used under eComStation. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from December Cannot be used to perform cos, file undeletion or other tasks which require writing to the disk.

Note that this performs a quick format.

It is known for handling large files of up to 2 GB across multiple hard disks, as well as for handling long file names of up to bytes. It is time consuming because the disk read heads must be repositioned to the drive’s logical track zero each time the FAT table is updated. Much less fragmentation, although correctly-written eComStation applications cause less fragmentation on Fos, too.


Home Dictionary Tags Platforms. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The basic answer here is ‘not really’.

For these reasons, CHKDSK can recover most filesystem problems without the need for additional ‘disk maintenance’ or ‘crash recovery’ software. Do, if you are doing a lot of updates and appends on random access files, or if a particular heavily-used file becomes fragmented then defragging is a good idea. This is because as the size of the volume increases, performance with FAT will quickly decrease.

Skip to main content. Reasons for open files include: In addition, while DOS utilities know or are able to calculate the locations of system structures such as the root directory on a FAT file system, they have absolutely no knowledge of the layout of the components of HPFS.

In this case, the user should obtain a shareware utility called AMOS However, there are some considerations to bear in mind. United Kingdom – English. The name of a file or directory can be up to eight characters long, then a period. Back up all files on hpf drive 2. HPFS, by contrast, always allocates sectors, with approximately half a sector of slack space per file in all cases, so that there is no need to partition large drives at least, for storage efficiency reasons.

The Human Element of Digital Transformation: First of all, you don’t use your DOS utilities for the purpose – they won’t work.


On FAT, you need to buy additional utilities, and even then, there are no guarantees. Since Windows NT 3. The name cannot contain any spaces. If the FAT table is not regularly updated, it can lead to data loss.

DOS app on JFS, HPFS and FAT

Support for long file names – up to characters in length Upper and lower case – HPFS preserves case, but is not case sensitive extended character sets Native non-fragile support for EA’s: The presence of the signatures in filesystem structures is also why CHKDSK is able to recognise and recover such structures in apparently unused parts of the disk, particularly following a ‘quick’ format.

Since each file typically ends a little shy of half-way through its last cluster, this means that there is a little over half a cluster typically 16 KB of slack space associated with each file. Several installable file systems are available for eComStation: A better alternative, however, is to boot from a second, small, logical drive on your hard disk which contains a maintenance copy of eComStation that boots to an eComStation command prompt.

HPFS was designed to improve on the weaknesses of the file allocation table file system.