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February 26, 2019

Dos to me that does not fit on a floppy disk. Any answers to that. Sad to see MIDI fading away. Continuous posted on October 21, Notify me of future comments on this page.

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See the previous post. Thank Thanks and Thanks again.

Thank you for this site. The extract gives me 3.

Very kind of you, but the disk images are damaged. I have attempted to create VM and point it to the unzipped Dos 6. I’m using a real computer, not a virtual machine.

I was looking at having to find where my diskettes are, find a good one, and a working drive. We are looking for users and 10 developers to startfrom all over the world who want to use DOS and if we find them, it will be back updated and free, of course.

Pietrr posted on August 4, Probably not so much for profit, but wether its to play some retro video games, a curiosity and interest in vintage computing, or maybe just a stroll through tech-nostalgia, getting DOS 6. Noah kirsle posted on January 19, I know this is a late comment but thanks for the Win3.


Michael Rowe posted on July 15, I’ve also tried to create one from scratch. Noah kirsle posted on November 27, I have my old floppies in a frame on the wall no way to install them. Unfortunately it keeps crashing as soon as I start any virtual machine.

DOS boot CD ISO Image | NeoSmart Forums

My main question is, I have a folder called games, how do I get to see it ddos play my games in there? As I stated, I’m guessing at these file names as I don’t remember what they are. Windows is much better now than it ever has been.

Hey, do you know if I would be able to run this version of windows off of a USB on a modern inage that I took the C: SYS add add the file you copied over in the second step: If you’re on Windows, WinImage is the software that comes up when I google this.

Iranian man posted on December 16, By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It was part of a bigger installation cd, I have included the script if anyone is interested, but I didn’t include the ms-dos files for obvious reasons.


The Legacy PC Project – MS-DOS & Windows For Workgroups

Another way to make an install CD is to do a normal install, Ghost it, and put the ghost. JohnWillJul 20, Dos to me that does not fit on a floppy disk. I have downloaded and installed Virtualbox as per your suggestion.

Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? No matter the good old days were the best!

Can I install MS-DOS 6.xx from CD?

Soon the net will only be for the rich!!! Right-click on the newly created VM and choose Settings. I really need Windows 3.